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Improve Air Flow In Your Facility With An HVLS Fans

Our vision has always been to deliver an highly efficient product that is Made in India, for our country’s people, suitable for our county’s climate. A product that is silent and hassle free.

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High Breeze Low Noise Fan

Being in the industry for years, we have always wondered, how can we contribute to the betterment of the industry and annihilate factors that affect comfort. After years of experience, research and ideation, we have identified that the market requires a product that is efficient enough to provide comfort for our people. 

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Spyro HVLS Fans Benefits

Spyro HVLS Fans have various benefits, which are listed below but to summarize it emphasizes people, productivity, conservation of energy, place as well as cost.

Better Air Quality

An HVLS fan moves air consistently and at low velocity. Its Large diameter results in large column of air being displaced with gentle breeze and minimum turbulence.

Better Area Coverage

Coanda effect causes air to cling to surfaces and entrain surrounding air. HVLS fans are capable to move large air mass for long distances.

Low Noise Technology

Can you imagine the noise of over 30 fans or ventilators or exhaust fans running in one installation? Our gearless HVLS fans operate at a veritably low noise and keeps it quiet.

Highly Energy Efficient

HVLS Fans consume veritably low energy compared to conventional fans. HVLS fans reduce the energy consumption drastically. HVLS Fans are ideal for large work spaces.

Cost Efficient

With a coverage radius of 120 feet diameter, our HVLS fan can effectively cover an area of 10,000 sft. Otherwise, it would take 100 conventional fans to cover such large area.

Zero Maintenance Technology

Our gearless direct drive motor completely eliminates gearbox which eliminates wear and tear and therefore zero maintenance.

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Importance of HVLS FAN

Everyone loves air-conditioning, especially in places where the weather gets super-hot. But large warehouses tend not to have A/C because of their excessive cost for installation and operation.

Yet people who work in hot warehouses without air-conditioning have a hard time focusing and staying productive eight hours a day. When the indoor temperature starts to reach uncomfortable levels, the employees inside experience heat exhaustion. Their body temperatures rise, their heart rates increase, and their brains shift their focus toward cooling the body down. Even mild symptoms can limit a person’s ability to concentrate on their work.

The results are always negative. Productivity drops, meaning company profits drop, too. And the well-being of your workers suffers, as well, often leading to absenteeism and higher employee attrition.

Spyro HVLS Fans Features

Our vision has always been to deliver an highly efficient product that is made in India, for our country’s people, suitable for our county’s climate. A product that is sustainable and hassle free.

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Why Us

India as a country has very distinct weather conditions. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala you can see a wide range of weather. The climate of India changes not just geographically but we also see seasonal variations. Each of these conditions is said to be handled differently but unfortunately, most of the products or machinery available in India are imported from countries like China, Japan, the USA etc.

These imported machinery aren’t capable of handling these seasonal and geographical variations of the Indian weather. They are designed to satisfy their respective country’s weather conditions and therefore, fail to serve the Indian climate.

We at Spyro focused on building a product that is completely made in India to cater to vivid geographical locations and seasonal variations.

Big and large industrial HVLS ceiling fans have blades that are designed to be more aerodynamic. The profile of these edges permits more air to be moved even at more slow paces. These commercial HVLS ceiling fans manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, dealers, traders will help on the other hand, produce a substantial downward-pulling column of air. This mass of air pushes outward when it hits the ground. This makes it easier to move air around a big space, cooling everyone in it, not just those who are directly below.

Because they circulate air so well, gearless HVLS ceiling fans manufacturers can sometimes be used to keep people cool without using air conditioning. A loading dock, an open bar patio, or a boxing gym are all examples. An HVLS fan is just the thing to help keep people on the ground comfortable in these areas, which typically have doors and windows that are wide open. HVLS fans, on the other hand, can be an excellent complement in areas with HVAC systems. High volume low speed ceiling fans suppliers HVLS fans have been displayed to make a 4-7 degree distinction in saw temperature, meaning you can run the A/C less while utilising our fans. 

We consider whether the conventional fan will actually be sufficient and whether it will provide a breeze for the entire room. Ventilation HVLS ceiling fans will cool a lot of people or just a few under or next to the fan? Will it assist you in reducing your HVAC expenses? Is it too loud for your surroundings? Spyrofans will likely benefit more from being a big and large HVLS ceiling fans in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nellore, Vijayawada.


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The HVLS Fan we got from Spyrofans is a Masterpeice, it has actually solved my industrial problem of heat. I would like to recommend Spyrofans if you are planning to buy HVLS Fans for your industry.

Surendra M

I recently bought HVLS fan for our school from Spyrofans. It works very efficiently with low noise levels and maximum air flow. I am very happy with the service and the quality of HVLS fan.

Naveen S

I bought HVLS Fan from Spyrofans and I must say that I was really impressed. The quality of the HVLS Fan is superb and works really well.

Preethi K
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