Application -Thermal comfort and Energy Efficiency

Winter: –
  • Destratification
  • Reduce heat loss through roof
  • Save up to 25% on heating costs
  • Summer: –
  • Air circulation & evaporative cooling
  • Improve occupant efficiency
  • Save up to 30% on cooling costs

    Investing in a high-quality HVLS fan makes sense for a lot of reasons.

    SAVE ENERGY: – Many factors go into an HVLS fan’s ability to operate efficiently. By using less energy, your monthly utility bills will be lower, meaning a better bottom line for your company in both the short and long term

    SAVE ON MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS; – “Affordable” HVLS fans simply aren’t built to last as long as high-quality fans. They may be more prone to breakdowns, both large and small, which will require expensive service, repairs, or even replacement.

    Spyro Fans are maintenance free fan. It’s far better to invest in a fan that will provide amazing results for years to come than to pay slightly less for a fan that needs to be replaced in half the time (or less!).

    MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY: – An HVLS fan’s performance is the ultimate measure for determining the value of your fan. Since these fans are designed to provide a more comfortable environment for your workers, you should expect your employees’ productivity to remain at top capacity. A substandard fan isn’t nearly as powerful and effective as a high-quality fan, and your team’s productivity levels may be affected.

    Spyro Fans is the industry’s leading maker and seller of large industrial fans, outselling every other brand on the planet combined. Our products and solutions are energy efficient and provide the maximum amount of airflow and comfort for even the hottest warehouses. Plus, we continue to develop, test, and perfect the performance of all our fan models year after year.

    We also provide services you can’t get from any other brand. Our team can help you choose the right fan for your industrial facility. Our techs will come to your warehouse, take measurements, and make a professional, expert decision about the perfect location for installation.

    building and create a visual representation of how a Spyro Fans will perform for you. This ingenious program lets you see for yourself a view of the new air circulation in your facility.

    And when it comes to support, Spyro Fans is on your team for life. Our warranties are among the longest and most comprehensive in the industry, and our affordable service plans ensure your industrial fan gives you maximum performance for decades.

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