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Being in the industry for years, we have always wondered, why the fans imported from overseas were not suited for our India’s climate.

  • We are having high ambient temperatures and humidity. Imported products do not function to full capacity in summers and often switch off due to overheating in the motor. We do not have a functioning fan when we require the most and ie. Summers
  • Maintenance and Sound – Existing solutions are often gearbox type which in early life have less noise but as it ages the noise increases over time.
  • Reliability – The products are not reliable as maintenance is not possible to the fan due to inaccessibility.

To eliminate these shortcomings, we at Spyro, designed the fan from ground up by developing a Motor which works in high ambient temperature and high humidity. We designed a motor which requires low maintenance with very low noise.

Our team of 40 engineers consists of experts in  electromechanics, mechanical, electronics, and thermal engineering. Before deploying our fans we do FEA simulation to make sure our product meets the promises.

Therefore, we carried out thorough research and analysis before finalizing each element of the Spyro fans. After years of scrutiny and perseverance of our diligent and dependable engineers, the model of HVLS Spyro Fans is finalized, subsequently allowing us to provide you with comfort and safety.

Spyro HVLS Fans

Large spaces like warehouses, railway stations, distribution centres, barns, etc. have a lot more people than houses. Air circulation in suchplaces becomes stagnant leading to the stratification of air into different layers. Smaller fans are effective when it comes to smaller spaces butlarge spaces require large fans that can circulate more air without affecting the humans or livestock.

The amount of air circulated is directly proportional to the diameter and speed of the fan. If large diameter fans are used at larger speeds it can impact the occupant. Therefore, HVLS fans are used in larger spaces as they circulate large volumes of air at lower speeds leading to enhanced comfort, destratification, dehumidification and unadulterated air.

The Spyro HVLS Fan model was finalized after observing the effects of different numbers and types of blades in an enclosed area with various installation heights.


Spyro Fans use our own  IP65 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor technology. This is a gearless motor which provides a noise-free experience with zero maintenance. As the excitation of the field is provided by the perrnanent magnets, it can generate torque at zero speed.


PMSM needs a drive to operate; this drive helps in controlling the speed based on the temperature, velocity, pressure, etc. Addition of this drive helps in increasing the efficiency of the fans as controlling the speed is no more hassle in PMSM than in induction motors. Apart from this our drive has following safety features:

  • Over temperature detection – Drive system monitors the internal temperature of the motor and VFD to prevent premature failure due to extreme heat
  • Overspeed Detection – Motor measures fan speed to ensure that it dones not exceed the maximum allowable RPM for safe operation
  • Over voltage/Current detection – Drive system continuously monitors voltage and current to prevent damages to the drive and motor

Big and large industrial HVLS ceiling fans have edges that are intended to be more streamlined. These edges’ profile makes it possible to move more air even at slower speeds. On the other hand, these commercial HVLS ceiling fans manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, dealers, and traders will assist in producing a substantial air column that pulls downward. When this mass of air hits the ground, it pushes outward. This makes it simpler to move air around a large area, cooling everyone in it as well as those directly below.

Gearless HVLS ceiling fans can sometimes be used to keep people cool without using air conditioning due to their excellent air circulation. Examples include a boxing gym, an open bar patio, and a loading dock. In these areas, which typically have wide-open doors and windows, an HVLS fan is just what’s needed to keep people on the ground comfortable. On the other hand, HVLS fans can be an excellent addition to HVAC systems. Suppliers of high volume, low speed ceiling fans HVLS fans have been shown to make a difference in saw temperature of 4 to 7 degrees, so you can use our fans less to run the air conditioner.

We think about whether the standard fan will be adequate and whether it will blow air throughout the room. How many people will be cooled by HVLS ceiling fans, or just a few under or next to the fan? Will it help you save money on your HVAC system? Is it too loud for where you are? Being a large and big HVLS ceiling fans in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nellore, and Vijayawada will probably benefit Spyrofans more.

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